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The club Jabiru 230D is available for use by club members. Aircraft availability is managed via the online Bookings Page. As a not for profit club, the hourly rate is kept extremely reasonable.

About the Aircraft

The J230 is an ideal aircraft for both local flights and touring. It is powered by a six-cylinder 120hp engine and can carry 130L of useable fuel. Plan on a cruise speed of 105kts at 2750rpm, using 21L/hr.


Dynon D180 EFIS & engine monitoring with AP74 autopilot.

Flightline FL-760 VHF radio.

GPS (Garmin aera 500, panel mounted).

Two Lightspeed Zulu active noise-cancelling headsets with built in intercom and Bluetooth

Emergency Equipment:

ELB (GME MT410G Digital 406MHz, 5 watt transmission plus 121.5MHz homing signal).


The manuals for the aircraft and its equipment are here, and can also be found through the menu.

Conditions of Use

You need to be a club member and have a suitable RA-Aus pilot certificate.


Contact Peter 0428 828 235. If you need more than half tanks before your flight, just let the refueller know 24 hours before.